Climate change, resource scarcity, deepening inequalities, volatile geo-politics and growing economic instability all threaten our wellbeing, now and in the future. These challenges require interdisciplinary economics research that is informed by real-world situations and creates useful solutions. This conference will explore the relationship between the economy, the environment and social justice in order to advance policy-relevant alternative economic models. The theme recognizes that many solutions already exist, and need to be understood and replicated. To accom- plish this, partnerships between academics and front-line practitioners will be emphasized.


Ecological economics in Canada has evolved with distinct features: presuppositions, epistemology, methodologies, ethics, and politics. Nevertheless, these features have not yet been adequately defined by the community. At the same time, the ecological crises and social injustices of today pose new challenges that demand that ecological economics evolves to face them. CANSEE 2019 aims to be an important historical moment for Ecological Economics in Canada, drawing together diverse approaches, old and new.