Allies and Partnerships Outside the Academy

This sub-theme showcases the organizations and communities putting ecological economic understandings into practice. It aims to spark dialogue between academics and the institutions, firms, and people whose thinking and doing relates to the empirical findings, theoretical frameworks, and philosophical underpinnings of the discipline, whether in congruence or contradiction. We invite reflections, research results, and provocations from non-profit leaders, community organizers, green entrepreneurs, political activists, labour representatives, commoners, elected officials, ecovillagers, Indigenous groups, downshifters, and change agents whose relation to ecological economics might be less obvious. We also would like to hear from the academic community about their practical work, action research, and collaborative projects with non-academic partners. 

  • – Collaborations with civil society and business communities
    – Ecological Economics in an age of authoritarian populism
    – Electoral and participatory political initiatives
    – Community organization and social entrepreneurship
    – Municipalism as radical ecological democracy
    – Indigenous politics and alliances for decolonized futures
    – Disobedient forms of collective action and recommoning  
    – Labour movements in Canada and beyond
    – Engaging with corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives
    – Practitioners of joyful restraint 
    – Non-governmental organizations
    – Building ecological economies locally and beyond
    – The Sustainable Development Goals and international institutions