Currency, Markets, and Value(s)

This sub-theme considers the role of money, exchange, and investment in contemporary capitalism and in the transition to post-growth futures. We invite submissions that analyze financial institutions, money creation, alternative currencies, and the emergence and articulation of plural values. We encourage exploration of the philosophy and ontology of money in modern and non-modern economies, and how an ecological economy might create, distribute, and think about value. We also welcome interventions that explore discursive shifts towards a “green economy” and what this entails for whom. 

  • – Monetary theory
    – Potentials and discontents of local, public, and crypto currencies
    – Financing economic transition
    – Rethinking natural capital, green economics, and socially responsible investing
    – Financialization by, of, and for greening 
    – Fiscal and monetary policy for degrowth
    – Theories of value
    – Experiments in behavioural economics
    – Post-Keynesian economics
    – Fossil fuel divestment and stranded assets
    – Banking and the state
    – Non-western money and finance
    – Incommensurability and alternative valuation approaches 
    – Multi-criteria decision analysis methods
    – Philosophical understandings of money and markets
    – Currency, investment, and expenditure in desirable futures