CANSEE 2019 isn’t your typical conference. We’re calling scholars, activists, educators,

civil servants, business leaders and change-makers alike to Engage Economies of Change.

And we’re working hard to make the experience valuable for everyone. 

Here’s 8 examples of #SomethingDifferent that you can see:


Live-streaming of All Keynote Presentations Extending the conference’s reach beyond Waterloo, keynotes will be broadcast for free. Records will become teaching tools. Watch now on the David Suzuki Foundation’s websiteReady to start a conversation?


Student-Led We care about impacting the local community, making connections, generating ideas, innovating, inclusion, and finding new ways to keep us all engaged!


Collaboration with Local Businesses Local economies keep us fed, employed, connected, and safe. We are partnering with local businesses to make this conference a success for Waterloo Region.


Serving Local Sustainable Food You cannot save the world on an empty stomach – and this food will help with both. Lunch will be provided to all participants each day to maximize networking.


Community Maker Night We have the power to make what we need! This family-friendly event invites participants and public members to explore together how to take back the means of production in hands-on workshops.


Public Lecture Series Open to the public for free, world-class speakers will discuss a new economic vision for Canada that bring about alternative approaches to sustainability to ensure a more peaceful and prosperous world.


Child Care Provided There’s nothing like trying to think while keeping your child safe and happy. So everyone can participate, licensed professionals will take care of the kids! Register by May 3 to secure these services. More details here.